Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poster Girl Documentary

Be sure to watch the upcoming premiere of ‘Poster Girl’ tomorrow at 8/7C on HBO2! Give an Hour is listed on the website as a resource for viewers looking for more information after viewing the film.

Give an Hour,RecruitMilitary and Athena Bridge Online Town Hall

In partnership with Athena Bridge and RecruitMilitary, Give an Hour invites you to join us for an online town hall at http://vets.onlinetownhalls.com. Let us know your thoughts on some or all of the following questions:

How useful are job fairs and how can job fairs be improved?  What are the biggest barriers to veterans and their families entering the civilian job market? What are possible solutions, and who can implement them?  Landing a job is only half of the battle. The key to success is keeping the job after you’re hired. What advice would you give to a veteran who is entering the civilian workforce?  Why do you think some employers are afraid to hire veterans? What are possible solutions, and who can implement them?   There are a lot of non-profit social service resources available to veterans and their families. Would a combined job/resource fair be of interest or would it send a mixed message to employers that hiring a veteran is a liability? Why or why not?  

Weigh in at our online town hall: http://vets.onlinetownhalls.com  Your insights will be tremendously helpful as we work to improve future veteran-oriented employment initiatives across the country.  The town hall will run from November 8 through November 23.  Please feel free to disseminate this as far as wide as possible.  We hope to hear from you online!

GAH PSA in TIME Magazine

Check out the current issue of TIME Magazine for the Give an Hour public service announcement!

The Case Foundation recognizes Give an Hour

This Veterans Day, The Case Foundation would like to recognize the work of Give an Hour. Watch our video on The Case Foundation Facebook page, and for every like, comment, or share it receives this week, they’ll donate $10 to GAH, up to $10,000. (Terms & Conditions: http://ow.ly/7lE41)

To read more check out http://www.casefoundation.org/blog/when-they-come-home, and be sure to share!