Monday, October 8, 2012

Combined Federal Campaign is Underway!

Support Give an Hour through the Combined Federal Campaign

The 2012 Combined Federal Campaign is getting under way across the United States and abroad, wherever there are federal employees and military service members. If you participate in the CFC, please consider making Give an hour a recipient of your dollars.

Please note: Give an Hour is listed as "Military Families Receive Free Mental Health Care - Give an Hour." Our CFC number is 65498.

Funds received go toward the vital work of outreach to and support for our volunteer mental health professionals, who provide free mental health care to so many deserving returning troops and their families.

Thank you for your consideration.

Friday, October 5, 2012

We’re Finding Fearless: the Search for America’s Most Fearless Changemakers Begins!

From our friends at The Case Foundation:

"In order to find solutions to the chronic and complex social challenges we face as a society, we must Be Fearless. And we have a hunch that there are thousands of concerned citizens who have let go of old and unsuccessful approaches and instead are taking risks, being bold, and making failure matter — embracing a fearless approach towards social change.

The Case Foundation is launching a new campaign — Finding Fearless — to identify the undiscovered social innovators who are dreaming big and taking risks to change their communities and the world. More than $650,000 in grants, software and technology prizes, and outdoor adventures are at stake in this search for America’s Most Fearless Changemakers.

So, are you a fearless changemaker?

We’re excited to help support the Case Foundation’s effort to uncover the stories of the undiscovered individuals in communities across the country that have a successful track record of tackling social challenges because their approach is bold, uncommon, experimental, unconventional, and fearless.

It doesn’t matter if they are 18 or 80; or if their work is done in a big city or one-stoplight town. It doesn’t matter if they have ten diplomas or no diplomas. It doesn’t matter if they get their work done through nonprofits, small business, state or local government, or their living room or garage. What matters is discovering the untold stories and tapping the unknown heroes who are bucking trends, disregarding the status quo, and making change happen with a fearless approach and attitude.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, drop everything you’re doing and apply yourself, or nominate someone you know, today for a chance to get a piece of $650,000 in grants and prizes to take these fearless projects to the next level. Finding Fearless begins with YOU. Help us find America’s Most Fearless Changemakers!

Here’s how Finding Fearless works:
  1. You Nominate: Tell us about your fearless project or one that inspires you. Up to 1,000 nominations will be eligible for grants and prizes so be sure to enter today!
  2. We Narrow the Field: The Fearless Academy—a team of 50 judges representing the Case Foundation and our partners—will review and assess nominations.
    • The top 10 fearless projects will each receive a $10,000 grant to take their work to the next level!
    • The next 10 projects will each receive a $1,000 grant to support their fearless initiatives
  3. You Vote: In the spirit of citizen-centered approach to philanthropy, we want you to decide which project receives a bonus $10,000 grant and other prizes to help our fearless changemakers!
  4. We Announce the Winners: We reveal which projects receive grants and prizes worth $650,000!
Apply yourself or nominate someone who is fearless today! Finding Fearless starts with YOU!"