Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review - Love in Condition Yellow

Love in Condition Yellow, A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage by Sophia Raday, Beacon Press, Boston, 2009

Sophia Raday was a Berkeley-dwelling peace activist when she fell in love with Barrett, a West Point graduate, cop, Airborne Ranger and a major in the Army Reserve.  During the early part of their marriage they struggle, successfully, to find a middle ground because their political views differ so dramatically. Soon after the birth of their son, September 11th occurs and Barrett’s military escalate along with the country’s. Suddenly Sophia finds herself living on a military base while Barrett deploys to Iraq. Sophia and Barrett learn that love doesn’t come from sameness and peace doesn’t always come from agreement. Condition Yellow is a writer’s description of life under siege, “In Yellow you bring yourself to the understanding that your life may be in danger and that you may have to do something about it. Raday’s memoir is an insightful snapshot of military and police life from the points of view of a military wife during the first years of the Iraq war and a warm love story as well. Raday’s style is funny, honest and effortless to read. Appropriate for military spouses of all ages as well as marital counselors.

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