Monday, September 24, 2012

Military Spouse Support Group - Greater Milwaukee!

This group was started by a Give an Hour volunteer on our Give an Hour Connected site. This site is very interactive and has many features including an iPhone app. Check it out, register, and contribute!

The Military Spouse Support Group - Greater Milwaukee is a great way to meet and connect with other spouse in the area who share common situations and challenges in the military. Many spouses are faced with numerous stresses while maintaining their life, job, and relationships. In addition, spouses raise children often by themselves due to husband or significant other deployment, separation or temporary duty assignment.  This can cause a variety of challenges for the spouse whose life become difficult and demanding at times.  The support group is a great way to connect other spouses together so that they know that they are not by themselves.  The objective of this group is emotional support, child care tips, and to balance work and life. 

For more information and to join this group click here:

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